Quit using spreadsheets, emails, and hard copies to track and share information.

Now intelligently combines data logs, team communication, and important documents through an easy to use dashboard.


Create logbooks for teams, locations or a global logbook - the choice is yours.


From simple to complex, powerful tools to visualize your data or produce reports.

Photos & Docs

Upload photos and documents, we store them securely and make them accessible globally.


Real-time information sharing through notifications and chat.

A complete solution

Now was built to be more intuitive, more adaptive and, needless to say, so much easier to use than systems of the past. Let Now amaze you with its robust features and tools - elevating your team to a whole new level.


Information is better when it is shared, use Now to track conversations, create and assign tasks, or manage schedules.

communication tasks schedules


Geotag where information is coming from and see which locations demand the most resources. All this is available real-time with Now!

geolocate geotag area insights


Now makes integration easier than ever before. With our API, SMS gateway, and mobile application support, you get all the tools to make integration a breeze.

api sms mobile application(s)


Now's real-time dashboard consolidates data so you & your team can keep your eyes on what matters most.


Now enables you create teams and to map advisories to the locations they impact and have a clear understanding of which teams need to respond and who needs to be kept up to date on the progress towards resolution.


Now enables you to map out your locations whether it is a country or a classroom. We understand the importance of tracking your information based on the actual location and what it means for your resourcing needs.

Now Simplify

Skip the spreadsheets, shred the paper. Collect information and perform tasks faster than you ever have before.